Search Engine Optimisation, when you begin to do research, seems like a daunting array of complex things you need to learn along with what appears to be, an equal amount of complicated tasks using expensive software.

Their are many different elements to optimising your web site, some technical, which involves ensuring that the ‘mechanics’ of your site work in all web browsers and the ability of your page to be responsive. This means, that it can be read properly in all devices i.e. Desktop, Tablets and Mobile phones. This is usually taken care of by your web developer.

The main aspect of SEO most people discuss, is how your pages rank in the search engines. For most businesses, this is the focus of thier attention.

To understand this objective, in it’s simplest form, you ahve to image that your potential customer is looking for a product or service you sell.

They then go to a search engine to ask it to find that product or service. The search engine’s job, is to find you the best outcome it can for what your are searching for. So if your are looking for a car, you will be disappointed if you only see lawnmowers.

That’s where common sense on your part is required. If you want people to find your product or service on a search engine, then you need to make sure your page is about car. The more accurate and descriptive your page is, the more likely your will be found by the search engine and and seen by the person searching.

A search engine, connects you with the person that’s trying to find you, your product or your service