Top 10 Best Social Media for Business Start-ups

Social media has in many ways levelled the playing field for new business start-ups. Thanks to social media websites you can reach more people, more easily promote and market your business and network with people in your industry.

But with so many social media sites out there it can be difficult to know where to start. But I can help below, we’ll look at the top 10 best social media websites for business start-ups. We’ll look at how start-ups can utilise them and the benefits they’ll bring to your business.


Facebook gives you instant access to huge groups of people. It’s also the social media site with the most users so can you really afford not to use it? Facebook can be used to reach new customers, develop stronger relationships with existing ones and gain greater insights into your marketing techniques.

Setting up a business page is also quite easy and while it might take a while to get to grips with everything it offers Facebook does have a very easy to handle learning curve to it. It’s a great place to start when it comes to setting up your business’s social media channels.


Instagram is much more versatile than many people realise and if your business lends itself well to a more visual medium it will thrive on this social media website! You can easily reach new customers, gain valuable business insights and it can be a very effective marketing tool. Setting up a business profile on Instagram is also quite simple.


Twitter is a very effective communication tool for start-up businesses. While most social media sites can do this Twitter lends itself to it very effectively. You can send out quick messages to inform customers about sales, new products and much more. It’s also a valuable way to respond to customer queries as well. Networking through Twitter can also help your start-up grow as well.


YouTube is second only to Facebook when it comes to the number of users but it can be a more difficult site to utilise for start-up businesses. However, with the right approach, YouTube can be a very powerful marketing tool after all you don’t need a traditional television advert to attract customers now do you? With over a billion users YouTube is a great way to spread more awareness about your business if you can utilise video marketing effectively.


LinkedIn might be the professional choice but using it can be a little more difficult. Unlike other social media websites, LinkedIn’s primary focus is one business to business networking and establishing your start-up in your industry.

It needs to be approached differently but with time it can be a very effective social media website for your start-up. If you want to focus your efforts on B2B networking then LinkedIn is the best place to start.



Pinterest is another very visual-based social media website that can be very effective for certain start-ups like clothing or food-focused businesses. Most ecommerce websites will lend themselves to Pinterest even if it doesn’t seem like they will at first. Pinterest can be a little more difficult to get to grips with but with a very active userbase, it is worth investing the time and effort to learn.

Facebook Messenger 

Okay, this might be cheating a little but Facebook and Facebook messenger are technically two separate apps. Facebook Messenger is a very effective way to not only communicate with customers directly but to also increase sales.

Facebook messenger advertising and its automated features can also help you keep customers up to date and grow relationships with them. Sometimes just having a simple automated message thanking customers can make a huge difference in growing your start-up.


Yes, Yelp isn’t your traditional social media website but it is a very important one when it comes to start-up businesses. You can respond to reviews on Yelp which can be a great way to build up a more trustworthy image as well as increase the transparency of your business. It might be a little more limited but Yelp is still something any start-up should look at.


Snapchat might not be quite as popular as it once was but it is still a very powerful tool for start-up businesses. Setting up a business profile is easy and by utilising Snapchat you can increase brand awareness, more easily share information about your business and share vouchers and even hold contests for customers.

Like the previously mentioned Instagram and Pinterest Snapchat is more visually focused which could make it more difficult to handle for certain businesses. Snapchat is a social media site with a youth focus as well which makes a good option if you want to appeal to the younger generation Z.


TikTok is the new kid on the block when it comes to social media websites. The video-sharing app is fast becoming the favourite site of choice with the much-coveted generation Z. However, using TikTok to promote your business can be difficult with only 15 seconds to run your video effective marketing can be difficult. If your start-up is youth-focused then TikTok is definitely worth considering but it can take some time to properly utilise it.

So, that is a look at 10 different social media websites for start-up businesses to use. Some are quite similar but they all have their own unique attributes. Now, of course, you can’t use all of them at the same time so start with one or two and then grow and develop your social media presence over time.