Need More Website Visitors ?

Need More Website Visitors.

Website Visitors..

where do they come from?

This is the question every business owner wants to know. You have to start from the beginning and ask yourself some very detailed questions.

What is your business?, who needs your business, products or services?

Traditional Marketing: If you were a high street type of business, you would open your shop, promote it and hope your get a good number of people to come in and buy something.

In the case of the high street, you may see many people passing by, but you have no idea of what they are looking to buy on that day.  So you try to entice them with displays, ‘A boards’ and flyer handouts to improve your chance of getting a customer.

How do visitors find my web site?

On the internet, it is very different, because people tell you what they want in the search phrase they use. Usually there are a few stages to how people search;

  • Looking for a service or product to solve a problem (Research )
  • Decided to buy a solution and narrow it down (Comparison)
  • Buying stage and finding the best price and supplier (Buyer)

In this search process, the search is usually referred to a key phrase i.e “plumber in London” “black plastic bin liner”

So if you wanted to align your web site with these, you would write a blog that aligns your service or products with these searches.

For example, if you were looking for a washing machine you would start with

  • BEST washing machine or cheap washing machines. (that gives you a lot of choice (Research Stage)
  • Then you would compare the models and performance etc (Comparison stage)
  • Then you decide on a model e.g. “Zanussi 1000 TGS in white ” (Buyer Stage)
  • Then you would search “Zanussi 1000 TGS in white” looking to buy it based on Best Price/Trust/quickest Delivery

So if your business sold washing machines, wouldn’t it be better to have a title of you page “Zanussi 1000 TGS – Best Price and Quick Delivery”

That is the principle of aligning your business web site with buyer intent.

We can design you optimised pages that do exactly that.

We Take A Different Approach!

It is essential that your business has an effective online presence if you want to brand yourself to build and attract potential future customers.

For your future prospects to find you, your web site content needs to be found in search engines and the content must conform to guidelines if you are to be effective.

You need to clearly determine the outcomes you want from your web site.

  • We build web systems to orientate your business around, not just nice looking catalogue web sites that don’t get no views, but a web space that has a purpose, to grow help grow your business.
  • We offer training to implement your web site strategy, so you become self-sufficient in a shorter period as possible.
  • We work as an on-going relationship with you to help make your online business a success, with a driven plan in mind and an intended outcome.

We work with many web platforms, which one we recommend depends entirely on the outcome you are looking for. From the outset we would establish a plan to achieve your desired outcome and can develop that with you, over a period of time.

Need More Website Visitors.

“When it comes to building a web site for their business, most  people don’t have a holistic business strategy in mind.”


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