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Blogging Web Sites

Need a blogging site that is fully setup and connected to your social media and marketing platforms?

  • We usually build blogging web sites with WordPress (Hosted), as it is one of the worlds best blogging platforms and suitable for most types of subject.
  • We can build you a custom design site, that allows you to create multi category content rich blog posts
  • Connectivity to all your social media
  • Once built, you can edit and update your web site whenever you want

What Type of Blog Site Do You Need?

From simple blogs about cake making, to more complex category based magazine blogs, we can build it for you.

We can build you any type of Blog site with all the connectivity you need and all the functionality to create revenue on your blog.

Some Example Blog Categories


An amazing way to show your photography and sell your service


An amazing way to show your work to get commissions


Whatever music you teach, we can build a great web site the you can keep updated yourself

Example Part-Time Income Blogs


Show your cake baking skills to offer a service


Show your fab nail designs and offer mobile service


Grow yourself a dog walking part time income

Advertising & Affiliate Linking

Many people have blogs to cover a topic or hobby they are interested in, a lot more people these days, use blogs to build content to get visitors to click on links and and ads to generate a part time income. We can build blog site specifically for this.

Typical income strategies are:

  • Affiliate linking (generating income from sending visitors to a product or service
  • Amazon Affiliate links
  • Affiliate network links
  • Selling their own product (like ebooks or music)

We can help you with this type of web site.

What we need… to build you a fantastic web site

01 Domain & Hosting

It's important to get this right from the outset to promote the topic of your Blog. Easy to remember and preferably not contain any hyphens, numbers or special characters is best.

Getting the right hosting it very important to ensure your able to serve your web pages quickly.

02 Great Content

Good descriptive content about you, your business and what you do is really important.

We would need explanations how you services work, how long it takes etc and images to show the description.

03 Quality Images

High quality Images of your services and products, is essential to convey your business brand and allow you prospects to understand what you are about in a clear definitive way.

04 Your Objectives

  • Branding your Blog
  • Generate Leads
  • Generate Quotes
  • Generate Sales
  • Affiliate Revenue
  • Sell products

05 Web Tools

  • Enquiry Forms
  • Quote Forms
  • Book Appointment Forms
  • Phone Calls To Action
  • Live Chat

06 Media & Content

  • Images can be optimised for organic searches
  • Images can be used for informational slideshows
  • Videos for for organic searches
  • Videos for informational explanation of you services

Marketing & Promotion

Marketing your blog can be a daunting task and sometimes complex and you may have to learn many skills. There are many strategies you can use, which we can discuss, which could be the best path for your business. You will also need to measure the performance of your web site, to see where people come from and what they do on your site, so you can optimise the performance of you pages.
  • Connection to Social your Networks
  • Analytics to help your understand your audience
  • Articles and Blogs to promote and inform
  • Email Marketing System to communicate
  • Paid Visitor platforms for faster results
CG Marketing & Promotion

We can help you get started with all of this..

We Take A Different Approach

A good strategy will help you build an effective online presence, if you want to brand yourself and attract potential future customers.

For your future prospects to find you, your web site content needs to be found in search engines and the content must conform to guidelines if you are to be effective.

You need to clearly determine the outcomes you want from your web site.

  • We build web systems to orientate your project or business around that has a purpose, to help grow your site.
  • We offer training to implement your web site project strategy, so you become self-sufficient in a shorter period as possible.
  • We can work as an on-going relationship with you, to help make your online project a success, with a driven plan in mind and an intended outcome.


Need More Website Visitors.

“When it comes to building a web site for their business, most  people don’t have a holistic business strategy in mind.”


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