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We Take A Different Approach

Your Business Focus

We take a different approach to building web sites for small to medium businesses.

It is essential that your business has an effective online presence if you want to brand yourself and build relationships to attract potential future customers. For your future prospects to find you, your web site content needs to be found in search engines and the content must conform to guidelines if you are to be effective.

You need to clearly determine the outcomes you want from your web site.

“When it comes to building a web site to drive their business forward, most  people don’t have a holistic business strategy in mind.”

  • We build web systems to orientate your business around, not just nice looking catalogue web sites that don’t get no traffic, but a web space that has a purpose, to grow help grow your business.
  • We can train a members of staff to implement your strategy so you become self-sufficient in a shorter period as possible.
  • We try to work as an on-going relationship with you and your business, with a driven plan in mind and an intended outcome.

We work with many web platforms, which one we recommend depends entirely on the outcome you are looking for. From the outset we would establish a plan to achieve your desired outcome and develop that with you over a period of time.

We Understand Small/Medium
Business Needs

Start out going forward!

We don’t look upon designing a web site like most people do. We see your web site as an essential hub of your marketing plan and look to implement that for you in an effective simple way.

Internet technology is a rapidly changing landscape and most business people don’t have time to keep up or learn the skills to implement their business plans effectively.

We design an effective web system for you to allow you to use the internet to your best business advantage, without over complication and keeping it simple as possible for you.

If you are considering setting up a web site for the first time or if your site is not effective and your strategy is not creating you traffic, then you need a better system ……and we have the solution.”

WordPress Blogging

This is a WordPress site for personal focus and blogging

WordPress Business

This a general business WordPress site with up to 10 pages and a theme of your choice.


This is a WordPress E-commerce site allowing you to sell your own products.

WordPress Lead Generation

This a WordPress three page site specifically setup with ‘Call to Action’ form to capture leads for your business.

Custom Design

We can custom design your business web site with all the functional elements you need, along with your brand styling. Custom design could also include planning and connecting all you social assets to your business site.

Let’s work together for your online success

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